* Easy to learn and to use.
* Learn at your own pace.
* Based upon actors' methods for memorizing lines.
* Incorporates latest scientific principles of memory.
* Introduces E-Z Memory Format, a unique method that
   increases comprehension and memorization.
* Teaches you how to create your own Memory Book for
   easy memorization of Bible scripture.
* How to Memorize the Bible includes a prepared memory
   book with nearly 200 pages of the most popular Bible
   scriptures using the King James Version (KJV)
The E-Z Memory Book of Psalms has the entire book of
   Psalms layed out in the E-Z Memory Format.
* Follows God's desire of putting His Word in our hearts.
Let thine heart retain my words:  
                                                  - Proverbs 4:4
                  What You Will Learn

* The three levels of memory and how they affect us.
* The three principals of all voluntary learning.
* The two ways that we transform short-term memory into
   long-term memory. 
* How stage actors memorize their lines.
* Why it is very difficult to memorize the scripture text in most 
   Bibles and how to correct that.
* How to arrange sentences so that they are easy to memorize.
* The simple technique to memorize anything forever.
* How to develop a photographic memory.
* How to memorize extended scripture text, not just verses.
* How to improve the dramatic presentation of your speech.
* How to utilize mental prompts and mnemonics.
* Ideas on which is the best translation to memorize.
* How to develop memory chains to utilize scripture in your
daily life.
* The nature of Hebrew poetry and how it improves memory. 
* and much, much more . . !!

How to Memorize
        the Bible

The E-Z Memory System